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“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.”
Pablo Picasso

Where in the World is WaterlilyandVine?


Welcome and blessings to all!

Creative expression brings about a new found sense of time and allows for that joy and gratitude to enter. It is playfulness, paradoxical, foolishness that leads to wisdom. It is the languid thread running beneath the current of time, space, and memory, awaiting the fluidity of change and the next level of enlightenment. It is nothingness yet steeped within the fabric that envelopes all that is. Creativity doesn’t have set rules but instead shuns them. It employs ritual, yet denies habit.

Art as a spiritual practice and as a means to communicate spiritually with others has always been a quintessential rule in my life. It goes back to the theory that one of the modes of reaching the soul is through art. The gift of the soul is the most amazing gift you can give of yourself, and, for me, my soul is expressed most blessedly through my art and my desire is to only create that which helps women feel, essentially, like goddesses, as beautiful spiritual beings, rocking their true authentic selves. We each have a gift to offer others in this world that makes us unique and special, and, hopefully, that gift we offer to others also makes them feel unique and special.


The Creative Egg

As many of us may be restricted from doing the things we love (currently I was supposed to have been hiking the Appalachain Trail,) I thought I'd get a weekly open circle to express our creativity.  Whatever your level of skill and whatever your chosen medium for your creative outlet (arts/crafts, writing, songwriting, dance, wearables, food, decoration, etc.,) all are welcome to come and participate in the sharing of ideas, encouraging others in expanding their boundaries, and showing off how we express ourselves. I want this to be a collective in which we,  as a whole, will choose the direction that The Creative Egg will take. I am starting it off with some direction however such as on Fridays we'll update everyone on how we're coming along on our projects (whether finished or not, awesome or horrible) and Saturdays (for those who would like some direction) I'll have a theme for projects. I encourage you to come, hang-out, explore, invite your friends, and sta

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